Bogotá Photo Tour

Cost per person:

From: USD 50.00


  • Local Photographer
  • Photography Lesson – Optional
  • Fruits and juice Tasting
  • Ticket – Bogotá Museum
  • Souvenier



Endurance: 3:30 h

Language: English – Spanish 

Time Start: 9 am – 2 pm – 7 pm



Additional Services:

  • 60 USD: Private Transport. We Pick Up our visitors in any place of Bogotá



Do you love photography? In our City Tour we will be connecting ourselves with the urbanscape of Bogotá through the lens




Route: Photo Tour – La Candelaria, Bogotá


  • Starting Point – Santander Park – Bogotá, la Candelaria: Our local guide and photographer will be waiting for you next to our umbrella and present you the route of our tour around Bogotá and La Candelaria


  • El Rosario Plaza – Bogotá, La Candelaria: We will start our photography lesson. We will learn fundamental photography techniques  


  • Journalist’s Park – Bogotá, La Candelaria: We will remember different local artists and their work. You will love our art! 


  • Chorro de Quevedo – Bogotá, La Candelaria: We will visit one of the oldest neighbourhood of Bogotá. There, we will know the beauty of our present and present


  • La Concordia Plaza – Bogotá, Candelaria: Bogotá is full of colours and flavours. In our City Tour, we will explore traditional fruits markets of Bogotá and La Candelaria. We will taste the local gastronomy


  • Bogotá Museum – La Candelaria, Bogotá: We will visit one of the most important museums in our city. We will connect with our art


  • Bolívar Square – Bogotá, La Candelaria: Finally, we will walk through one of the most important places of Bogotá. We will tell you some stories and we will explore this place with our camera  



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What about getting acquianted with the city through a lens? Photography has become a wonderful tool to capture moments and people. We would like to invite you to photograph this marvelous city.

Bogota’s downtown is, by far, the touristic location of the city. Here, we can find many places that shaped our history as we know it and others that became milestones. Between churches, coffees and cinema locations, stands ancient urban passages, memories, and events that make part of our collective memory, the memory of our city. In this tour you will visit and photograph this diversity of people, places and moments that makes us feel proud to be from Bogotá.


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